20 Hours of Prayer

The Cambridge community is thankful to be celebrating 20 years of educating the hearts and minds of children.  Please join us in a purposeful time of prayer on our anniversary weekend by signing up for a 30-minute time slot.  As a guide for the time of prayer, we are suggesting to pray through our 20 Prayer Points, and, of course, as you are led.


1. Gratitude

Give thanks to Christ for all He has done through and for Cambridge! This little school has changed many lives and glorified God in the darkest places! Praise Him for what He has done and will do!

2. Holy Spirit Led

 “All we do and have done at Cambridge is through the working of God’s Spirit,” said Michael Pollack, former Head of School, 2003. This is still true. Pray that we would continue to be a school yielded to the Holy Spirit and dependent on His leading, rebuke and power. That we would be diligent in seeking His truth and hold fast to it.

3. Hunger for god

Pray that our parents, board members, faculty, staff and children would be hungry to know God more deeply. That we would be surrendered to the truth of His Word in its entirety and to His Spirit.


Pray for the unique presence of God in every room at Cambridge. Pray that His presence would be a powerful hedge and encouragement to us.


We pray that the vision of Cambridge would be accomplished and that we would be a classical, Christ-centered K-8 community of learners which exists to partner with parents to educate the hearts and minds of children in virtue and truth, and to develop in our children the capacity and character required to live out their God-given destinies as they proceed to high school and beyond.

6. Financial Provision

Pray that God would bless our community by bringing in new and generous donations and gifts. Ask Him to fill our school with families and to bless our fundraisers with the bounty that can only come from Him, Our Great Provider, so that we may carry on His work in this world.

7. Fruit of the Spirit

Ask for humility, honesty, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness and self-control to infect all relationships and communications between the board, faculty, staff, parents and students.

8. Love of Learning

Ask the Lord to continue to make us into a learning community, not an educational product. That our children will learn for life, not for school and that their imaginations would be ignited by our curriculum to primarily pursue truth, not just knowledge.

9. Refreshed Appreciation

Pray for a spirit of refreshed perspective and hearts that are consistently astonished by the glory of God in our community. Pray that we would see Cambridge as a gem. Let us pray to be thankful for what God has done here instead of searching for what is wrong.

10. Leadership

Pray for the board: discernment and love as they embark on the strategic planning process and as they do the difficult work of ensuring the perpetuity of our school for years to come. Also pray for our Head of School to be protected and filled with the Holy Spirit as he leads our community.

11. Bless the Work of the Teachers' Hands

Ask the Lord to protect our teachers and to cover them in His grace. Pray that He would spark their enthusiasm and imagination, that He would bless them with wisdom and creativity to see the whole child in front of them.

12. Students

Pray for their hearts: that what is being poured into them would fall on fertile soil. Pray for our kids’ social lives and that their friendships would be God-honoring and encouraging. Pray that their academic lives would be full of richness and personal success. Please also lift up our students with learning differences.

13. Parent Partnership

Pray that parents would embrace Cambridge’s educational philosophy and would be eager to partner with Christ in the education of their children and not fall into the temptation of assuming someone else is doing what needs to be done.

14. Community

That we would have a deep, collective understanding that to belong to a Christian community is to be in a family. We pray “Our Father” for a reason: we belong to each other. Ask the Lord to knit our hearts together, that we would know deeply the truth that we all play an important role in the lives of each other’s children. May we literally say to one another, “You are important in the life of my child!”

15. unity

Ask God to give us the power to stand together, in love and unity, and that trivial things would not rip us apart. That we would be a community that individually and collectively takes sin seriously, but takes grace more seriously, for “where sin abounds, grace abounds even more.” Give us holy creativity and ingenuity in finding solutions to our problems.

16. Inclusion

That we would move forward with grace, unity, truth and integrity into a wider embrace of diversity that fulfills the call of Jesus to love one another as He has loved us and that holds fast to biblical truth.

17. Location

That the Lord would provide wisdom, guidance, and provision as we prayerfully discern His will for our location and facilities now and for the years to come.

18. Families

Pray for your family and all families at Cambridge; that we would love each other well, sacrificially and with grace. That we would listen with hearts that care about God’s best for each member.

19. Parents

Pray for parents. That we would be strengthened and that we would be renewed in our purpose to escort our children into God-honoring adulthood. Pray God would encourage those who feel they have failed or are failing, for He is the one Who has the last word on what our children become.

20. Marriages

Ask the Lord to save, secure, fortify, and enrich all marriages at Cambridge. Also pray for all of our single parents, that they would be empowered, enriched, invigorated, and encouraged.