All of the Shakespeare

Our 5th graders ended their study of the Renaissance with not one, not two, but FOUR iconic Shakespearean acts. Each scene highlighted an aspect for which Shakespeare was famous:

Act I - A Dance at which Two Teens, Like, Totally Fall In Love

Romance with a tragic ending: it doesn’t get much more Shakespeare than this! The 5th grade paid homage to one of the most iconic scenes in history, with a bit of a modern twist.

Act II - Macbeth is a Girl!

“The Scottish Play” is a true tragedy. The 5th graders showed Macbeth seeking answers in all the wrong places and then completely missing the point.

Act III - “The Rest Is Silence...”

(Or, “Quite Literally, Everyone Dies”)

Shakespeare is known for giving his characters some pretty famous last words. In this scene, the 5th graders gave us almost all of them…in rapid succession.

Act IV - A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream (with Gymnastics!)

The Bard’s comedies were usually chock full of mistaken identity and mischief. We imagined what it would look like if Puck were a super likable gymnast… We didn’t need to look far to fill that role!

We are so proud of the 5th graders’ ability to not only memorize their lines, but truly give meaning to the words! They presented in such a way that audiences of all ages could understand and appreciate these classic works from the Renaissance time period.