Parent Partnership Initiative


In January of 2015, the Board of Trustees commissioned the Parent Partnership Initiative (PPI), a year-long study aimed at defining, honing, and growing our community embrace of partnership. The study included multiple layers: 

  • an in-depth look at philosophical foundations for parent partnership
  • an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of partnership in current context
  • parent input in the form of a broad survey and roundtable discussions
  • a visit to Rivendell School in Arlington, VA (a like-minded school with a similar structure and educational philosophy)
  • faculty input

Following an honest, critical assessment of findings, a fresh working definition of partnership was derived:

Parent Partnership is the necessary engagement of parents, as specific yet equal partners within a community of learners, in the education of their children and the flourishing of Cambridge School.

To sum it up: parents, you matter! Imagine Christ as the heart of our school, and our mission and vision the life-blood. Our teachers are one arm, and, you, parents, are the other! Together, we embrace Cambridge students to educate their hearts and minds in virtue and truth. Over the coming months and into the new school year, we will be offering opportunities to further apprehend the depth and beauty of partnership at Cambridge and engage in its necessary practice. May we, with eagerness and open hands, anticipate the good of growing partnership! 

- The Parent Partnership Initiative

Heather Jordan