Growth Mindset

Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) aligns with Cambridge’s “growth mindset” in regards to student progress. Individuals with a growth mindset place emphasis on growth and change, seeking constant development. Those with a “fixed mindset” tend to place permanent labels on themselves and believe traits cannot be changed. Carol Dweck writes about this in her book Mindset and elements of the growth mindset resonate with Cambridge’s view of student progress.

We are all in the process of growing. As a “community of learners” we value development in a variety of areas. MAP results and Cambridge grades, in general, highlight particular academic areas in which a child can develop. Grades and results give you feedback on your child’s performance during a brief period of time – a glimpse into the academic life of a child who is on a constant continuum of growth that will continue his whole life.

While culture so heavily emphasizes the “output” of students, we strive to place more emphasis on each child’s process of growth. We want our students to know they are defined by their identity as God’s children, not by a grade on a paper. We want to foster a sense of confidence in who God has made them to be. Scott Buresh has said, “There’s an element to our mission and vision that truly won’t be realized until years to come because we are seeking to equip kids to be able to fulfill their God-given destinies in high school and beyond.”  May we see each grade, assessment result, and progress report as a marker on the journey of becoming the individual God designed us to be.