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Grades 1 and 2

Units emphasize a hands-on, multi-sensory instructional approach in which the primary goal is to nurture each student’s imagination, creativity, and social skills, while laying a strong reading and math foundation. To maximize this type of learning, teachers and assistants focus on small group and one-to-one instruction. Phonics instruction continues to be a vital component for reading and spelling instruction in first and second grades.    

These years are focused on inquiry and wonder, which are vital components of becoming life-long learners. The strong foundation in reading and math prepares our students well for the next phase in a Cambridge education - the classical history approach.

Our classes venture out for at least one field trip each month, and all are covered by the cost of tuition. Students cruise through the Annapolis Harbor while learning Maryland history, love to hold insects from the rainforest, and explore Crystal Grottoes Caves, each bringing classroom learning to life.

Grades 3-5

While all grades take a classical approach to learning, the truly “classical” education begins in third grade. History is taught chronologically allowing our students to get a full picture of God’s story and their place in it. Studies of literature, science, Bible, art, music, and writing all stem from the themes explored in the historical timeframe. Literature and writing increase in scope and depth during the middle grades. Students build strong communication skills, a staple of a classical education, and are given opportunities to express themselves through formal speeches, class discussions, and writing assignments.

Integrated into the curriculum are instruction in art, music, latin, and physical education. While the teachers have specialized education degrees, the subjects are taught in relationship with core academic learning.  

Field trips provide opportunities to interact with topics learned in class. Our students "excavate artifacts" from a dig site to understand how historians unlocked the past. They "apprentice" at a glass-blowing studio to experience how medieval tradesmen learned their crafts. They even perform Shakespearean scenes at Folger Theatre!