Go Forth

We provide our middle school students with in-demand skills, a healthy self-view, a hunger for godly excellence, and an awareness of what a Christ-centered worldview will mean to them as they face the challenges of our modern world in high school and beyond.

While new students can transition seamlessly into any grade at Cambridge, sixth grade is a great time to join! Both new and returning students experience many “firsts” together. The study of American history begins in sixth grade and continues chronologically through eighth grade. The focus shifts to longer projects, more independent work, and a schedule of classes that varies by day of the week. Students also choose from a variety of languages to study through their middle school years. These differences prepare our students for the structure of high school and college.

Cambridge graduates are known for their strong oral and written communication skills. Our middle school students learn to use logic and sound reasoning to draw conclusions about a variety of topics. Through in-class discussion and formal speeches, our students are effective and persuasive presenters. In fact, our students look forward to delivering their graduating speeches to an audience of a few hundred people!

Field trips offer opportunities for students to interact with classroom learning in new ways, and they foster the broadening of perspectives on the world at large. From riding bikes around the Gettysburg battlefields to experiencing service learning opportunities, our students are exposed to ongoing, deep-rooted issues from history that still impact our communities today. Most importantly, students translate their learning to service as they discover their place in the world.