A Christ-centered, classical school in Baltimore, MD

Well Played

Our kindergarten is an invitation to experience fullness of life through beauty and truth.  Children naturally have an awe and wonder about the world around them. We create an environment which allows children to explore God’s world and become participants in the learning process through a genuine interest to know more. Our students are motivated to continue learning for the rest of their lives because their imaginations have been captured from the start.

Our kindergarten is an atmosphere in which playfulness and creativity are as much a part of the learning as reading and math. Kindergarteners. get knee-high and elbow-deep in science projects, trek through various landscapes while on field trips, and literally bring stories to life through plays and performances. These whole-body experiences forge lasting memories in the hearts and minds of our students. Kindergarteners are given the freedom to learn in a variety of ways that engage the imagination and inspire self-discovery.

Our kindergarten is a celebration of personhood. Children are not empty vessels to be filled with facts. They are fully-formed persons, who bear Christ’s image and are capable of understanding complex ideas. We do not “water down” our academics but rather present a “rich feast of ideas.” While beginning the practice of becoming life-long learners, Kindergarteners grow in their relationships with God and others. They learn respect by being respected. They experience community with their fellow classmates as they grow in virtue and truth.

Our traditional kindergarten program is a full-day program on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Small class sizes and individualized attention allow for us to accomplish all of the developmentally-appropriate learning goals for kindergarteners in three days.

Kindergarten Explorers

Children thrive when they have time and space to develop their imaginations; to create something out of nothing.

For families interested in a 5-day kindergarten, we offer “Explorers” on Tuesdays and Thursdays in addition to our Monday/Wednesday/Friday program. Explorer days continue to foster the awe and wonder children have about the world around them.  Our teachers draw on the interests of the children and create an environment in which students can explore these interests further.  The day is filled with field trips, science experiments, art projects, library visits, and most importantly, imaginative play.

Children need time to play, rest, and create. Creative play is central to the physical, emotional, and cognitive growth of a child. Cambridge School lays an essential foundation for later academic rigor through child-initiated learning and play.

Children thrive when they share close relationships with parents and other significant care givers. At Cambridge, we continue this loving relationship through our low teacher-student ratio. On Explorer days your child will be in a small group, allowing for strong bonds to be formed between teacher and student. This environment mirrors a comfortable, enriching home.

God instilled in your child a desire to learn. We wish to partner with you to nurture your child’s heart and mind, cultivate a love of learning, and help him or her to become the person God created them to be.